Caitlin was so grateful to make the University of North Carolina (UNC) soccer team that she called it a miracle. But at the time, the word “miracle” was only a figure of speech. In her own words:

I came to this school as an atheist with zero interest in God.

She began dating one of the girls on her team. Around the same time, some of her other teammates had been inviting her to their Bible study. She had no intention of going. Caitlin carried hurts from the church that propelled her towards complete and confident rejection of God.

Then her girlfriend decided she wanted to go check out the Bible study. And that’s how Caitlin finally found herself in an Every Nation Campus meeting. Caitlin started hearing the complete gospel for the first time. The more she heard the Scriptures, the more she felt an insatiable longing to know more about God. She began to read on her own even outside of the ENC meetings, and in those times God revealed the sweetness of surrender.

I became convinced God was real, loved me, Jesus was who he said he was, and if that was true I need to follow him.

From then on, God began to completely recreate her life and her identity. She broke up with her girlfriend to pursue God’s will for her. A large part of her story grew out of an ENC missionary discipling her. As she was given opportunities to disciple others alongside her mentor, she saw more and more of her peers’ lives changed by the message of the gospel. By her final year in college, she couldn’t imagine leaving her campus and all the students that didn’t know the gospel—so she committed to becoming a full-time campus missionary.

Now as a campus missionary, Caitlin believes that students have the better influence to transform their campus. Her job is to spend her days discipling those students so that they too can go out as she did, preaching the gospel to their classmates, teammates, friends, and families.

Caitlin has always had a strong love for the UNC campus. That love has now been amplified through the love of Christ as she sees the great opportunity before her:

Chapel Hill is known as “the city on a hill.” We have an opportunity to be a light to the nations by reaching UNC and the diverse community in it, which makes up the majority of our city.

Thank you for joining Caitlin and other campus missionaries like her who wake up every day with a passion to help students know the love of God. To send a special gift or begin partnering with Caitlin, please visit her page at