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We want to help churches participate in the Great Commission by partnering with Every Nation churches to assess, train, and deploy missionaries.

We come alongside sending and receiving churches to recruit participants for domestic and international missions.

Before leaving for the mission field, trip leaders and local church leaders train participants in mission-specific evangelism, discipleship, cross-cultural ministry, and other ministry skills.

While on the mission field, trip participants grow in their spiritual lives and ministry skills with guidance from trip and ministry leaders.

Three ways to go!

Ten Days is the short-term missions program of Every Nation. We partner with local churches to facilitate short-term mission trips that serve Every Nation’s family of churches.

The Every Nation Internship provides potential missionaries with experience in raising partnership, preparation for cross-cultural ministry, and greater leadership opportunities.              

LifeYear is a yearlong immersion program that helps missionaries discern a calling to long-term missions. Our team works with the local church to send, assess, and care for missionaries.

Ten Days Mission trips

Our team plans Ten Days trips with local churches to serve another Every Nation church.

If you’re interested in joining a team, email us at missions@everynation.org.

How will God use your church to impact a community?




LifeYear is a missions immersion program that develops, supports, and empowers anyone desiring to pursue international missions long-term.

Our Missions team supports local Every Nation churches to send, assess, and care for LifeYear missionaries.

before you go

The LifeYear journey is one of adventure and exploration! If you want to develop your cross-cultural intelligence, hone your ministry skills, and discern God’s calling for your life, LifeYear is for you. Experienced missionaries will partner with your local church to assess your preparedness for international missions. Before you apply for LifeYear, meet with your pastor or campus director to ask for their recommendation. Once you are approved, you will begin training and preparing with the support of your sending church, your receiving church, and the LifeYear team. Is this your year?

Preparation includes:

  • LifeYear orientation
  • Partnership development
  • Spiritual and character formation
  • Ministry and cross-cultural skills
  • Coaching and mentoring


Once you are sent, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture, build lifelong relationships, and discover unique ways of doing things and seeing the world around you. Ultimately, God will work in you and through you in surprising ways. Over this year-long journey, you will move through four phases: Settling, Serving, Strategizing, and Sowing. You will receive ongoing ministry and cross-cultural training designed specifically for each unique phase of your LifeYear adventure. Your receiving church will guide you through this process; together you will discover how you best fit within the team. Back home, your sending church and the LifeYear team will continue to provide ongoing connection, guidance, and encouragement. By the end of your year, our prayer is that you will have gained clarity on God’s calling for your life.


After you return home, you’ll have time to rest and reconnect with your sending church, friends, and family. There will be opportunities to debrief with the LifeYear team and your local church leaders. During this time of reflection, you will begin to move forward into the calling that has been clarified through the LifeYear program. If long-term international missions is for you, your sending church and the LifeYear team will help you take the next steps in ministry. Whatever you discover, our aim is to help you honor God and make the most impact in your world.


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