ABC3 Strategy

We exist to honor God by establishing Christ-Centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation. 

Since the church is God’s primary vehicle to advance His kingdom on earth, the goal of our evangelism and mission work is to establish new churches and strengthen existing ones. We don’t randomly scatter seeds with the hope that something grows. We strategically plant churches near university campuses, and our foundational value is to have “one foot on the campus and one foot in the community.” This is why we have developed our church planting ABC3 process: Assessment Center, BootCamp, Coaching, Consulting, and Clusters.

Assessment Center


This intensive, multi-day program combines interviews, interactive exercises, individual and group presentations, and written evaluations by peers, assessors, and the candidates themselves. The experience culminates in a written report with recommendations on the suitability of a candidate to be the lead pastor of a church plant. Most planters find the feedback invaluable in preparing them for the challenges ahead.

Please note: This is not a training or equipping class. You’ll be assessed as a potential lead pastor of a brand new church plant.


  • The Assessment Center generally takes place in summer.
  • The fee is less than $500/couple for Every Nation pastors and/or church planters. Meals are included. (Transportation and accommodations will be the responsibility of each attendee.)
  • Married couples must attend the assessment together.
  • Childcare is not available for this program.


The goal of the BootCamp is to equip future church planters with skills that will help them plant healthy, vibrant, growing churches and break from current statistical norms. This is a five-day interactive training with hands-on applications and coaching designed to give church planters practical skills.


The Every Nation Church-Planting BootCamp combines lectures and interactive group exercises for training the church planter in essential best practices for the Pre-Launch, Launch, and Post-Launch phases. Additionally, the start of a two-year process of personalized church consultation will begin guiding in mission, vision and values discovery, values alignment, strategic planning, sermon series application, and processes for the first year. Topics during BootCamp include Philosophy of Ministry, Target Audience/Ethno Graphics, Building a Team that Works, Developing a Culture of Trust, Breaking Growth Barriers, and more.


  • BootCamp takes place in early November
  • Free for Every Nation pastors and church planters. (Transportation, accommodations, and some meals will be the responsibility of each attendee.)
  • Spouses are welcome but not required. Church Planting team members may also attend.
  • Childcare is not available for this program.

Prerequisites: BootCamp participants should have attended the Assessment Center and received a green or yellow recommendation.

3 C’s


Coaching helps pastors and new church planters develop their leadership skills so they can succeed in their objectives. During coaching, church planters receive regular, in-depth evaluations. During these evaluations, they are asked targeted questions to aid in their personal and church growth. Every coaching meeting is designed to help church planters be encouraged and grow in their confidence.


During a church plant’s first year, Every Nation provides a trained consultant to help the pastor grow a healthy church and develop strategies to effectively engage the community. These strategies are backed by experts and will help a church planter bring the church to the next level.


Clusters are twice-yearly, regional gatherings of pastors and church planters with the goal of imparting vision, discussing best practices, and deepening relationships. During Clusters, pastors can relax and connect with peers. They will leave feeling refreshed and excited about what God is doing in their lives and in their churches.